Monday, March 21, 2011


Quilt  #21

This quilt was made for a class sample using a technique called ApplAquilt by Kerrilyn Gavin.

The fusible applique is applied and stitched in place as part of the quilting process on top of the quilted background.

This is another pattern from Flowers and Fruits Stained Glass Pattern Book by Carol Krez. Quilt #20 - Cherry Tomatoes pattern was also from this book.  I find that stained glass patterns are an excellent source for appliqued patterns.

The background was quilted with a diagonal grid pattern.  Fusible web was then applied to the back of the appliqued shapes prior to cutting. Steam-A-Seam 2 was used as it will stick to the background and can be repositioned if need be, before fusing it down.

Shapes were cut, fused and stitched individually using invisible thread on the top and a thread, matching the back of quilt, in the bobbin.

Applique - stamens - beads

The stamens were thread painted and a few beads were applied once all the pieces were appliqued.

This quilt measures 14” x 18”, is made from 100% cotton and was made in 2008.


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ButtonMad said...

All these quilts are lovely but I particularly like this one. Very pretty.