Friday, March 25, 2011

Snippet Landscape

Quilt #22

Snippet Landscape
I was asked by students for a class on using snippets and after reading Snippet Sensations by Cindy Walter and some experimenting on my own, I designed this little landscape as a class sample.

It is 13” X 17” and made entirely from pre-fused cut up little pieces that cover a foundation fabric.

 quilting of rock & grass  

Using matching thread, each section was quilted separately, matching the stitching design to the area being quilted. Medium size sideways stippling for the sky, wavy lines for the water, all over design on the hills, and up and down lines for the grass.

branch detail
Lines were drawn with a Sharpie marker for branches and then stitched with black thread over the marker extending the ends into smaller twigs. Little snippets were added for leaves.

All fabric is 100% cotton.

Snippet Landscape was made in 2009 and exhibited in the 2010 Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters Guild Annual Show.

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Anonymous said...

very nice
did you prewash the fabric before adhering the fusible web to it? for cutting the fabric into pieces, did you peel off the web and then cut and then arrange th epieces on the foundation fabric? can you do it with a cnavas panel as the foundation and then layer the fabric on it?

Terry Whyte said...

Hi D, MI
I always prewash my fabrics, but it is not necessary, especially for something like this. Yes, you would peel the paper off the fusible web before cutting into small pieces. You can do several layers, it does not have to all be done in one layer. I guess you could use a canvas panel, I think it would stick, but would not be able to quilt it. Only way to find out is to experiment. Good luck.