Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Loosey Goosey - Squaring Up - I

Quilt # 109

Loosey Goosey - Squaring Up I

This is the first in a series using “squares” as my theme.

In this quilt, pieces of “Shaving Cream Dyed” Fabric and one blue hand dyed were free cut into more or less squarish shapes.

Shaving Cream and Hand Dyed Fabrics
I sandwiched two pieces of hand dyed orange fabric and then stitched several layers of these squares straight down the centre in rows vertically and horizontally until the background was almost completely covered.


Easy Facing for Small Art Quilt

I cut another piece of the same orange fabric the same size as the quilt, placed it on the front of the quilt and stitched all the way around.

Mark and cut about 1” from the stitch line. Trim corners.

Cutting out centre part of facing

Open up and sew close to the stitch line through the seam allowances as far as you can go towards the corner (about 1”). This helps holding back the facing when turned to the back.
It's the same technique used in dressmaking to make the facings stay flat and neat.

Stitching down facing

Turn cut edge of facing under and hand stitch in place.

Loosey Goosey - Squaring Up I back

This is the back with the added sleeve and label.


Quilt Name: Loosey Goosey
Description: Small squares attached by quilting
Pattern: Original
Size: 11 ¾” x 13 ¾”
Fabrics: 100% cotton
Predominant colours: Orange, blue, black, white, gold
Construction Techniques: Rows of randomly cut (more or less) squares were stitched on the quilt sandwich. Vertical and horizontal rows were added until the background was almost all covered.
Back: hand dyed muslin
Batting: warm and natural cotton
Edge finish: facing
Quilting: Free motion quilted on Domestic Machine
Quilted by: Terry Whyte
Sleeve: yes
Label: yes
Date completed: 2010
Quilt History: displayed in the 2011 Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters Guild
Maker: Terry Whyte

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