Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blue Butterfly

Quilt Documentation # 132

This quilt is the result of one of Northern Ontario Fibre Artist's mini workshop. Whenever our group meets, one of more of our members demonstrates a technique or application and then everyone gets to play and experiment.

Blue Butterfly

The print in this quilt was made by squirting acrylic or fabric paint between plastic page covers that had been cut open on 3 sides. The cover was closed and the paint was spread around by rubbing the plastic. The cover was opened and two black squares of fabric were placed back to back inside the cover for a mirror image.
I cut out the shape and fused the 7½” painted squares side by side on black printed fabric.
The black at the edge of the wings and the head were cut out of ultra suede.

Ultra suede wing edges

 I used the little semi circular pieces that I cut out of the wings on the centre of the body.

Quilted body following the lines in the paint and bits of ultra suede

The quilting was free motioned using black, grey and gold thread and a row of heavy gold thread was hand stitched at the edge of the wings.

Blue Butterfly - back (label and sleeve)
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Quilt Name: Blue Butterfly
Description: paint - applique
Pattern: original
Size: 19” x 16”
Fabrics: 100% cotton, ultra suede
Predominant colours: blue, green gold, black
Construction Techniques: fused and quilted
Back: 100% cotton
Batting: ?
Edge finish: Double fold french binding, top stitched using decorative machine stitch
Quilting: Free motion quilted on Domestic Machine
Quilted by: Terry Whyte
Sleeve: yes
Label: yes
Date completed: 2010
Quilt History: Displayed at the Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilters' Guild - 2011 Quilt Show
Maker: Terry Whyte


Quilting Babcia said...

What a great idea for a quilt guild program/project. Your butterfly is stunning. Thank you for sharing the process and your lovely art piece.

Mary Ann said...

Just gorgeous. A very unique technique.

Juanita said...

Lovely! Thanks for documenting this piece of work on your blog. I took a closer look at your 2 winning pieces on the sidebar as well and they are fabulous!

elle said...

This is amazing. Very nicely done.

Regina said...

Great technique, you certainly used it to stunning effect!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

very pretty work...I love butterflies

Marie Costa said...

Amazing! So lifelike and the painting technique sounds fun. Gorgeous quilt.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Interesting technique. And the result is drop-dead gorgeous.

Judy Ferguson said...

An interesting technique. Very successful.

QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! All I can say is Wow. I have never wanted to be in such a cold place before, but now i want to come live with you!


glen in Southern South Louisiana

Heather P said...

It's stunning!

landscapelady said...

How cool is that! I want to come play with you;-)

Sylvia said...

Nice stitching!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this piece and your blog.

quilthexle said...

WHO - what a fantastic piece ! I just love your butterfly - thanks for sharing how you did it. Must try this ;-))

Jennifer said...

Love the idea of printing a mirror image! A great piece.