Monday, March 11, 2013

Table Toppers – Miniatures

Quilt Documentations  # 123 - 124 – 125

It seems that making table toppers has always been one of my favourite ways of trying out new patterns, techniques and/or practice my quilting.

Some more recently made, are already documented here.

Three Oldies from the Early Nineties

I didn't realize how many I had made until I recently came across several oldies, some of them well-worn. I'm happy to see that my piecing & quilting has improved over the years, although at that time, I thought these were all wonderful. Only one of the three is dated but all three were made in the early nineties, when I was in my miniature phase. 

It's still hit and miss when it comes to labelling my quilts, but since I started this blog to document my quilts, I try hard to at least sign and date even if it is just with a marker, but preferably stitched in. A label is always a bonus.

Quilt # 123

Beige & Blue Mini Charm Quilt

Beige & Blue Mini
 This one is probably the oldest, it is dated 1991, the beige is a polyester and it is also hand quilted of which I did not do a lot of after I found out I could machine quilt.

I remember going through all of the fabrics I had at the time and anything with blue in it was fair game for the 1” half-square triangles.  I think this would make it a Charm quilt, which means that all the pieces are from different fabrics, no two pieces the same.  I'm not sure if using one fabric as the background makes a difference to calling it a Charm Quilt.

1" half-square triangles

It has two borders, a double fold french binding and polyester batting.   The back is one large half-square triangle and it is signed.  It  measures 23" x 23".

Beige & Blue Mini - back

Quilt #124

Jewel Box Mini

Jewel Box Mini
This mini also has some polyester fabrics in it and it is machine quilted using invisible thread on the top and white polyester on the back.  It has one border, double fold french binding and polyester batting.

four-patches and half-square triangles
The half-square triangles are 1½“ and the little squares in the four-patch are 3/4” square.

Jewel Box - back
The back is made of four half-square triangle repeating the pattern on the top.  
The whole quilt measures 23” x 23”..

Quilt # 125


Crazy Patches
3” x 3½” crazy-patch rectangles were sashed and machine quilted with some hand quilting added to some of the patches.


The fabrics are all 100% cotton and I see that the navy has faded. We are so lucky to have the fabric we have nowadays. 

Crazy Patches - back
The back was turned to the front and stitched down as binding. It measures 23” x 24”.

More Table Toppers to come.


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