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Mysterious Star I, II, III

Quilt documentations #  127 – 128 - 129

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I named this pattern Mysterious Star because I taught it as a mystery class back in 1998 when mystery classes were all the rage. I usually end up with a second quilt when teaching because of the samples I make for the class but I can't really remember why I made three. I must have really liked the pattern. 

Quilt # 127 - Mysterious Star I - 1998

Mysterious Star I 

This quilt has 3 different blocks, 1 centre star, 4 middle blocks and 4 corners.


Some of the flying geese in this quilt are 3-D (remember those?) 

30D Flying Geese

Mysterious Star I was quilted in the ditch and stippled, it measures 28" x 28".

Mysterious Star I - back

Quilt # 128 - Mysterious Star II -  2000

Mysterious Star II 
  The small inner border is simply folded and caught in the seam allowance.  I learned that using a tightly woven fabric  (like batik) and making this border as skinny as possible works best.  I like the one on #III best.

 Mysterious Star II was quilted in the ditch and feathers, it measures 29" x 29".
Mysterious Star II -  back

Quilt # 129 - Mysterious Star III - 2001

Mysterious Star III 
 Mysterious Star III was quilted in the ditch and leaves, it measures 28" x 28".

Mysterious Star III - back

 All three quilts have double fold bindings. 

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