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Emma's Quilt

Quilt Documentation #185
Emma's Quilt

Quilts for Christmas

My personal quilting challenge for 2014 was to make a quilt for each one of my six grandchildren. This is #4 and is for my granddaughter, Emma.

This quilt's history goes back a long ways.

I actually forgot I had made these blocks and found them while rummaging through a box of miscellaneous bits and pieces.

They were from a Mystery Quilt found in a Canadian quilting magazine (name??) in the early nineties when I first started quilting. This was the first I had heard of a mystery quilt and was quite intrigued with the whole process. I did get the blocks made, and there was a whole lot of small squares and strips cut -  but that's as far as the project got.   I stitched the strips end to end for the outer border.

Close-ups of a couple of blocks:

Emma's Quilt

Emma's Quilt

A lot of the fabrics are polyester, but back then I used what I could find at our two local fabric shops and there was not a lot of cotton to be found. I don't really have a problem with the fact that the fabric is polyester other than it is harder to handle and doesn't press well.

I chose several different turquoise fabrics for the lattice to brighten up the blocks.

My husband has travelled all over the world with his work and has surprised me a few time with pieces of fabric from different countries. The back and binding of Emma's Quilt is made from a piece of cotton that he brought back from India a few years ago.

cotton from India

The quilting is a simple grid - stitched in the ditch.

Emma's Quilt - back

And here's the label:

Emma's Quilt - label

I was quite happy with the way it turned out and Emma loved it!

Happy Quilting,


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