Sunday, November 23, 2014

Working in a Series – Birds – Part 2

Quilt Documentation 169 - 170

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Collage with a Focus

These collages contain a central image, other elements emphasize or accentuate the image to create an interesting visual arrangement.

Quilt Documentation 169

"Birds - 1"

This collage uses a printed fabric image, the swirling turquoise fabric representing water.

"Birds - 1" Collage with a Focus
"Birds - 1" Collage with a Focus - back

Quilt Documentation 170

"Birds - 2"

For the second collage, I printed one of my own photos of a goose on a post onto fabric.
I added another “sign post” on the left of the picture and some mother of pearl pieces which have a “watery” look.

I experimented with a fused binding that I cut with a wavy rotary blade and then programmed a leaf stitch on my machine to add to the edges.

"Birds - 2" Collage with a Focus
"Birds - 2" Collage with a Focus -back

More tomorrow.

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