Sunday, November 23, 2014

Working in a Series – Birds – Part 3

Quilt Documentation 171 - 172

These small quilts are exercises from Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila & Elin Waterston.
All measure 9" x 12".
(see first post here)

Innovative Piecing

Several ideas were covered, machine-pieced freehand curves, wonky piecing, insert strips.

Quilt Documentation 171

"Birds - 3"

I chose to make Wonky Log Cabin Blocks using my own photos, printed on fabric of a crane walking along the beachfront, as the centre of the block.

"Birds - 3"  Wonky Log Cabin Blocks

"Birds - 3"  Wonky Log Cabin Blocks - back
Paint Effects

Exercises included either abstract or representational painting.

Quilt Documentation 172

"Birds - 4"

On this quilt, the birds as well as the branches are painted on batik. The tree trunk is a black cotton applique which also had light paint added on the right side. Stitching with black and grey threads added more shading.
The background was quilted with a grey and black variegated rayon thread.
I wish I could remember what I used for the painting, maybe ink as it has a very soft hand.
"Birds - 4"  Paint Effects

"Birds - 4"  Paint Effects - back
More to come.

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Margaret said...

I confess I don't often do such dense quilting on my small pieces, but I certainly like the effects you've achieved there!