Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Working in a Series – Birds – Part 5

Quilt Documentation 175 – 176 - 177

These small quilts are exercises from Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila & Elin Waterston.  
All measure 9" x 12".
(see first post here)

Thread Work

Thread painting, bobbin drawing, couching and free-motion quilting are all means of visual expression that use thread as a medium.

Thread Painting

Quilt Documentation 175

"Birds - 7"

Blue Jay was thread painted on a separate fabric, cut out and then appliqued over my quilted background.
The yellow-green square behind the bird was printed with circles. I free-motioned zig-zagged around the circles.
Some beading on little blue squares add more interest.

"Birds 7 - Thread Painting

"Birds 7 - Thread Painting - back

Bobbin Drawing

Quilt Documentation 176

"Birds - 8"
This bird was thread painted directly on the fabric before sandwiching the layers to do the bobbin drawing of the cage.
The sparkly heavier thread was placed in the bobbin and stitched from the back.
I added a facing and followed the outline of the cage, just for fun.

"Birds 8 - Bobbin Drawing 

"Birds 8 - Bobbin Drawing - back

Free-Motion Quilting

Quilt Documentation 177

"Birds – 9"

Toucan is a simple applique with busy free motion quilting in the background.
I think it balances out.

"Birds 9" - Free motion quilting
"Birds 9" - Free motion quilting - back
More to come.

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Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

All your birds are beautiful. Must say I love the FMQ on the back of 9. The bird looks so cute outlined.

Lorette Cole said...

These are lovely! Love the Toucan!!! Genius!!