Thursday, November 27, 2014

Working in a Series – Birds – Part 6

Working in a Series – Birds – Part 6

Quilt Documentation 178 – 179

These small quilts are exercises from Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila & Elin Waterston.  
All measure 9" x 12".
(see first post here)

Found Objects

Objects that are not too heavy or too fragile, that are mostly two-dimensional and that are not too big work best in art quilts.
Paper, natural objects, man-made objects can be attached by hand or machine, glued, wired or fused.

Quilt Documentation 178

"Birds - 10"

The found objects in this quilt include:
scrapbooking paper, brown paper stamped with my crow stamp, painted newspaper, map, a small collage of melted plastic shopping bags on textured background, a pair of old earings (backs removed and attached with embroidery thread) and couched wool.

I also couched the same wool around the edges for a binding.

"Birds 10 - Found Objects

"Birds 10 - Found Objects - back


There is no end to what can be used for embellishing, beads, buttons, shisha mirrors, sequins, trims, and charms, just to name a few.

Quilt Documentation 179

"Birds -11"

For this quilt, I placed my batting onto the fabric I wanted to use for the back and wrapped the edges around the batting on the front. I stitched a piece of stabilizer that had been painted or dyed. A piece of trim added a skinny border just inside the raw edges. The dyed cheesecloth was hand stitched and then appliqued with a chickadee printed on cotton. Beads and little rings from an old necklace finished it off.

"Birds 11 - Embellishments

"Birds 11 - Embellishments - back

Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila & Elin Waterston is full of ideas and suggestions, and gives you enough instructions on how to use certain products or techniques to get you going.

I really enjoyed the process of making this series of little quilts and learned a lot.

Learn and have fun by doing, it doesn't have to turn out perfect every time.

Just go for it!

Happy Quilting,



Margaret said...

I like #11 very much, Terry. I chuckle that it's a chickadee, as the setting looks as if it's at the seashore!

Terry Whyte said...

You're right, I should have thought that one out a little more. But I really like chickadees and I hadn't done one yet.
Thanks for all your comments.