Monday, November 24, 2014

Working in a Series – Birds – Part 4

Quilt Documentation 173 - 174

These small quilts are exercises from Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila & Elin Waterston.  
All measure 9" x 12".
(see first post here)


Stamps can be:
ready-made - purchased
original - hand made from many different materials
found - from natural objects or all kinds of tools or items just laying in and out of your house.

Quilt Documentation 173

"Birds - 5"

The background is made up of curved and straight piecing.
I cut a little crow stamp from fun foam and changed the orientation a little so even though it is the same stamp, they look a little different. I like how the gold from the fabric came through the ink.
The leaves are from a block stamp that I kept turning in different directions to avoid the “blocky” look. I also stitched over some of the leaves and added a few extra of my own.
Machine quilting and some french knots completed this quilt.

Birds 5 - Stamping

Birds 5 - Stamping - back


Metallic foils can be transferred to fabric using liquid glue, fusible web, or bonding powder.

Quilt Documentation 174

"Birds - 6"

I appliqued a couple of rectangles to the background using a machine buttonhole stitch.
I then cut out bird shapes from fusible web and fused them to the pieced background and applied the foil.
There's a feather (from my duster ;) behind some tulle in the corner.
I added a little quilting, some buttons and beads to finish the piece.
The binding is from a piece of variegated organza wrapped around the edges.

Birds 6 - Foiling

Birds 6 - Foiling - back
More to come.

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